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I was tasked by Caresocius with developing a landing page and onboarding module for their doctor and clinic booking platform.

Caresocius Onboarding Home Page


Caresocius is a startup dedicated to giving people access to healthcare. They offer specialized medical professionals and physicians for video consultations.

Both patients and healthcare professionals are the company’s target demographics. Prior to the platform’s launch, this project aimed to onboard new interested patients or doctors and give them useful information about the business and its services. The job was consequently split into two parts:

  • Design and build a landing page highlighting the upcoming platform and services.
  • Create an interesting onboarding module where both target groups can share their professional and healthcare needs.
Caresocius Onboarding Landing Page Mobile

Landing page

The company has designed a highly informative and engaging landing page to showcase its services to its target audience. The page is thoughtfully curated to highlight the unique benefits that the service offers to its users. Each section on the page is dedicated to a specific user group, making it easy for them to find the information that is most relevant to them.

The design of the landing page is modern and friendly, creating a welcoming atmosphere for potential customers. Custom-made illustrations have been included throughout the page to help visualize the dynamic and forward-thinking values that the company embodies. These illustrations not only make the page visually appealing but also help to convey the message of the company in a more engaging and memorable way.

Caresocius Onboarding Landing Page Desktop Benefits

User onboarding

The landing page directs the user to the onboarding module, where they are asked to answer questions about their needs and wishes for the platform. After launch, this information will be used to provide the new users with the most suitable opportunities and services.

We created a simple and quick step-by-step process in which the user can select answers from several options or provide direct input.

Caresocius Onboarding Module Mobile
Caresocius Onboarding Module Mobile
Caresocius Onboarding Module Desktop
Caresocius Landing Page Onboarding Video Call Illustration
Caresocius Landing Page Onboarding Video Call Illustration


Many thanks to Mohammed Yassin Blal (Caresocius co-founder & CEO) and Stefano Barber (Caresocius co-founder & CCO). It was a pleasure to assist them in developing their company’s vision.


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