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Branding, communication strategy and website design for ImagineHealth – a company enabling access to patients with best-in-class healthcare treatments and experiences in Asia.

ImagineHealth Thailand Website Start


ImagineHealth evolved from Henning Kalwa’s (CEO) rich experiences in the Asian healthcare sector. After years of connecting patients with clinics and hospitals, he expanded his vision to enhance access to the best offerings in Asia.

I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with him since the inception of his entrepreneurial journey. Together, we’ve crafted the company’s brand, communication strategy, as well as digital and offline marketing assets.

The main tasks for this project included:

  • Creating a new brand identity and communication strategy
  • Developing business stationery and design guidelines
  • Assisting in the creation of marketing materials
  • Designing a dedicated website/platform connecting patients with healthcare treatments and experiences in Thailand.
Website Introduction featuring patients interacting with medical professionals
ImagineHealth Logo

ImagineHealth – An enhanced approach to medical travel

Henning’s vision of establishing a professional and patient-centric platform offering top-notch treatments and travel experiences in Asia was the driving force behind the brand’s creation. The target audience comprises Western patients and medical tourists seeking innovative therapies unavailable in their home countries.

In healthcare, a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t exist, and navigating the search for the right clinics and optimal solutions can be emotionally and financially challenging. ImagineHealth simplifies this process by assisting patients not only with their treatment needs but also with logistics and preparation. Consequently, we developed a simple yet vibrant and optimistic brand and communication strategy that mirrors the company’s commitment to its clients.

The brand is closely tied to Thailand, drawing inspiration from its vibrant colours and welcoming culture. These elements form the basis for typography, visual communication, and colour scheme. The logo and brand hierarchy blend professionalism from the healthcare sector with a hopeful and lively human touch. To achieve a clean, welcoming, and professional aesthetic, visual cues, images, and symbols were crafted in alignment with these standards.

Brand typography
Brand icons
Collected brand identity visuals

“Many medical travel companies go for the hard sell in order to get patients signed up as quickly as possible. We take our time, so you can feel confident throughout the entire experience of going overseas to receive treatments.”

Henning Kalwa – ImagineHealth Founder & CEO

A patient-centred platform

One of my primary responsibilities was to design a medical travel website centred on delivering patients the finest treatments and experiences available in Thailand. The objective was to establish an exploratory platform that not only furnishes users with essential healthcare and travel details but also captivates them with experiential offerings and treatment possibilities.

The user journey prioritizes seamless exploration of offerings while ensuring swift access to specific information. This was achieved through the implementation of straightforward menu navigation, along with meticulous planning of content structure and information placement.

Collection of ImagineHealth Thailand's screen design
Collection of ImagineHealth Thailand's screen design
Collection of ImagineHealth Thailand's screen design, mobile variation
ImagineHealth Thailand's screen design , mobile variation. Call to action screen


This project represents an ongoing collaboration between Henning Kalwa and myself. It has been a gratifying experience supporting him in his mission to enhance global healthcare access.


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