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Brand revamp and website design for open next, a consultancy operation specialized in guiding companies through digital transformation.

Image featuring the website layout on mobile and desktop of open next's website.


Johannes Gorzawski, CEO of open next, reached out to me to collaborate on redesigning the company’s brand and website. This project goes beyond a simple visual overhaul; it involves optimising the website’s user experience and refining the business’s value proposition, purpose, and communication.

Our effort focused on aligning visual communication with the company’s core values, differentiators, and operational processes. We meticulously reimagined the website’s user journey to offer clear pathways to informative content, educational resources, and consultancy services.

The project’s objectives included:

  • Redesign the brand’s identity and visual communication.
  • Create a new website design and user experience.
  • Design social media assets.
Illustration of a blueprint, representing a collaborative process.
open next's logo

The blueprint for digital transformation

open next collaborates with companies to conceptualize and define comprehensive digital transformation roadmaps, spanning from process analysis to project implementation. This effort is most effectively achieved through close collaboration with clients. Together, the team defines pathways that address all crucial business points, ultimately leading to the creation of new, efficient digital structures essential for company success.

This process and work methodology lead us to establish a visual analogy to the realm of blueprints, product schematics, and process diagrams. These elements provide the detailed information and instructions necessary for building and innovating. However, open next’s mission isn’t to introduce more variables and complexities to its client’s digital strategy; rather, it aims to demystify and clarify these subjects collaboratively. Therefore, we established a clean design foundation with a technical/digital look and feel and infused it with whiteboard-style illustrations and graphics, enhancing the brand with a professional yet distinctly human and emotional aesthetic.

open next visual featuring the logo and an image of people working together.
open next's brand color scheme.
DM Sans type specimen.
open next's brand typography
open next's brand illustrations, focused on the digital transformation a digital processes.

While working with João, I really appreciated the fact that he first understood my business model and transformed it into the customer experience. Together we translated our very complex and diverse business into an easy-to-consume structure.

Johannes Gorzawski – open next Founder & CEO

Leading the way to digital processes

open next's website wireframes.
Image featuring the layout of the start, services and theme page of open next's website
Image featuring the mobile layout of the blog and article detail page of open next's website.
Image featuring the mobile layout of the Workshop, 404 page of open next's website.
Image featuring illustrations for the different theme pages of open next's website, featuring topics about digital transformation.
Image featuring the desktop layout of the Workshop and blog detail page of open next's website.


I’d like to thank Johannes Gorzawski for the project, trust and collaboration. Additionally, I would like to express my special thanks to Thomas Kadanik for his invaluable contributions to the text content and SEO optimisation, and to Edo Begagić for his swift and efficient technical implementation of WordPress.


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