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Identity and website design for Temos Academy, a Temos International sub-brand, providing professional healthcare accreditation courses.

Temos Academy Desktop Start Page


Nadya Kalwa, Temos Academy executive director, got in touch with me to seek support in creating Temos Academy as a new sub-brand of Temos International.

This new branch aims to make Temos’ healthcare certifications available through in-person or online workshops and courses.

My role was to help them develop a fresh brand identity and website with the following goals:

  • develop a new brand identity based on Temos’ primary corporate design and branding, including a new logo, colour scheme, typography, and visual communication.
  • create new business stationery and design guidelines
  • design the website’s first version, which included content strategy and user-journey
  • create social media templates.
Website visual/photography of a man leading a workshop
Temos Academy Logo (negative version)

The right choice

In order to expand the scope of its accreditations and services to a broader audience, the new company makes use of new technologies. Temos Academy wants to establish itself as the leading educational resource for professional healthcare accreditations. To that end, it provides live and online courses, partnerships, and consultation services.

With that in mind, and following the primary brand’s design direction, we created a straightforward and sophisticated logo that seamlessly integrates the company’s primary objective and product.

Logo design development
Brand visual communication examples

João carefully considered every aspect of our brand, incorporating our core values and unique identity into the visuals. The result is a visually stunning brand design that beautifully reflects the academic nature while still capturing the essence of our larger organisation. It truly represents Temos Academy!”

Nadya Kalwa – Temos Academy, Executive Director

A platform to raise healthcare standards

The website’s primary target audiences are healthcare professionals, organisations, and educational institutions looking for accreditation partners. As we organised the course material and access, we kept in mind the benefits of working with Temos Academy and its accreditation programs. The website currently provides all the essential details needed for the target audiences to begin collaborating with the Academy. The capability to buy and enrol in online courses is among the crucial features that later updates will introduce.

Website's start page on mobile
Website's partner page on desktop
Website layouts


Temos Academy is a new and growing brand, and I’m glad to work with Nadya Kalwa, Temos Academy Executive Director, to help shape her and Dr Claudia Mika’s vision for improving healthcare standards around the globe.


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